2014: Some reasons for optimism

Last year began with troubling economic news. Ralcorp Holdings announced the closure of the Silver Creek Petri plant and the downsizing of its Carriage House facility in Dunkirk.

In all, nearly 250 jobs were affected.

Today begins a new year, and with it, a much brighter start.

With the December announcement of the repowering of the NRG Dunkirk facility, things are already looking up. The investment by NRG is likely to top $300 million.

Start Up New York begins today as well. With Fredonia State already having an incubator, they are ahead of others. There’s nothing to lose with this initiative, but lots to gain.

Also of note, and coming soon, is the State of the State address by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. One of the items expected to be announced is a property tax freeze.

That will be welcome by homeowners and businesses for the new year as well.