Local man celebrates Rose Bowl win

Donald Corter’s closet is full of green and white Michigan State clothing.

A day after Michigan State’s 24-20 victory in the Rose Bowl, the Fredonia dentist and Spartan alumnus couldn’t get enough of Wednesday’s win over the Stanford Cardinals.

In fact, Corter was watching the game again Thursday night and admits he may watch it a few more times in the near future.

Corter’s love for Michigan State began in the 1950s. Corter’s father was a high school coach for legendary Michigan State football coach Duffy Daugherty, who was with the Spartans from 1952-1972.

“Duffy was a true Spartan,” Corter said. “He was the type of person who was more than just a coach. He was a man of loyalty and better values. Notre Dame and other schools wanted him and he didn’t leave. That’s a true Spartan. I listened to the post-game interview (with current coach Mark Dantonio). I believe he is the man. There was information he would be a wanted man with money involved from other colleges. He said, ‘This is my destination. This is my home.’ I loved those words. It reminded me of Duffy.”

And when Corter was looking at colleges. Daugherty recruited Corter. However, Corter declined, choosing to focus on his academics.

“Duffy wanted to meet with me,” Corter recalled. “I went to his office and talked. We talked about things about his life. It was wonderful. He said, ‘I want this to go full circle. I want you to play for me.’ Academics was primary in my decision on which college to go to. I would have been red shirted and I wouldn’t be playing for a long period of time. Duffy gave me a training schedule. I did that for a couple years, thinking maybe I could handle academics and athletics. It was just too much involved. I felt like Superman for a couple summers I was in such good shape doing those workouts. I got my degree in Biological Science. Fortunately, I love what I’m doing. I’m a dentist. It’s rewarding. It’s been a good choice.”

And while Michigan State has had its run of futility over the last couple decades, Corter joked this recent run of success has led to more sleepless nights because of his excitement level. He has not missed a game in more than six years and has three Michigan State floor mats in his Fredonia office.

And though Corter may watch the replay of Wednesday’s game a few more times, he is already turning his attention to next season and the Spartans’ chance for a national title.

“It’s all part of Dantonio’s plan,” Corter said. “He said take the conference and take the Rose Bowl. If that happens, we will be in the mix. After the Rose Bowl win, he said we are going to have a team next year that is going to be even better. If that’s the case, maybe.”

If that’s the case, Corter will be wearing his Michigan State clothing often next year.