Hanover board says goodbye to councilman

HANOVER – The last Hanover Town Board meeting of the year ended with an eight-year tradition – Councilman Fritz Seegert adjourned the meeting by banging the gavel.

In addition to the meeting being the last of the year, it was also Seegert’s last as a councilman.

Seegert served two terms on the board, having first been elected in 2005. While on the board, Seegert was involved in the planning and zoning boards and was liaison to the Silver Creek Village Board.

A lifelong resident of the town, Seegert’s goal in going into office was to improve the community and leave a lasting mark.

Seegert did not run for re-election in November.

“I believe in term limits and I think that new bodies on the board are important,” he explained.

Seegert leaves many “friends” on the board.

“I have enjoyed working with (Fritz) and at the end of the day, I call (him) a friend,” Councilman Ken-neth Cross said. “Fritz has had many accomplishments on the board, but there are some things he is not good at: He cannot complain and I don’t know if he ever gets tired. … I know (Fritz is) an entrepreneur and has things to do in the future, so I wish him good luck and still call him a friend.”

Councilman Kevin O’Connell thanked Seegert, not as a member of the town board, but as a resident, for his commitment to the town and invited him to seek office again later.

Councilman Wayne Ashley and Clerk Janine Salzman said they enjoyed working with Seegert.

Supervisor Todd Johnson said he “never wanted to see this day come.” He said he enjoyed the teamwork and learning about the town’s history from Seegert’s knowledge when his father was supervisor and mother was town clerk.

Seegert said he was proud of his accomplishments while serving on the board, but that it was a group effort. He also thanked the town employees for their hard work and the department heads for their strong leadership. He also thanked his wife for being the “backbone” of the family.

Johnson said although Seegert is leaving, he can still be a part of the town’s team.

“We worked together as a team on the board, but I know one team will still be intact – our Laurel Run team – (Fritz) has to come back for that,” he said.

Seegert closed the meeting as he has done every meeting while serving on the board. He was also given an appropriate gift – a gavel – to remember the tradition. Seegert was also given a plaque with a clock and cake and refreshments were served.

Bernard “Bernie” Feld-mann Jr. is now serving in Seegert’s seat after being sworn in at Thursday’s town board meeting. Feldmann is a retired New York State Police officer who resides in Hanford Bay. He ran for office on the Republican, Conservative and Indepen-dence lines and advocated for efficiency, prudent spending, responsible development and preserving small-town values in his uncontested campaign.

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