Putting camp memories into lasting form

Through the years, many memories have been made at Camp Gross in Cassa-daga. The Camp Gross Foundation is inviting those memories to be put into a lasting form while raising money to allow the camp to continue to be maintained and improved.

The foundation plans to create a brick patio surrounding the flag pole outside the main lodge at camp. The project allows people to honor or memorialize a person. It can also be used to commemorate a camp event or experience.

Bricks will be sold for $50 each. Each purchaser can select a one-, two- or threeline message. Each line has a limit of 14 spaces.

The bricks will be sold until Jan. 31, 2014. The bricks will be placed in the spring prior to the camping season.

For further information or to receive a form, write to Alona Forbes, 11616 Cedar Cliff Drive, Dunkirk, NY 14048, email or call 366-1640.