Truck rolls over on slippery road, spilling fuel

FORESTVILLE – A TPS Pet-roleum Products truck slipped on the icy roads Tuesday and lost its fuel oil.

The Forestville Fire Department along with New York State Police arrived around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday to contain the fuel oil, which amounted to about five gallons.

A snow plow arrived on scene to assist in the accident.

First Assistant Kyle Barthel said “no one was injured” and the driver reported he “lost control on the icy roads.”

There was no damage caused by the truck rolling over on Empire Road and Route 39.

“(Firefighters) are in the process of transferring the fuel oil to another truck,” Barthel said Tuesday night. “The fuel was contained by the truck that overturned.”

Barthel said there was no danger of fire and no danger to any residents in the area.