Some Silver Creek projects stalled by weather

SILVER CREEK – Some notable changes have taken shape recently at Silver Creek Central School.

The district’s capital project, which yielded a new parking lot and paving around the high school loop as well as smart boards in classrooms, has yet to finish its first phase of work.

The most noticeable new addition is two digital signs on Dickinson Street and Bennett State Road near the high and elementary school entrances.

“The signs have not been hooked up yet,” Superintendent Daniel Ljiljanich said of the signs’ wiring. “That project was held up by the weather.”

The signs have a digital display, which is currently blank, and also have a lighted SCCS black knight mascot.

Another unfinished project, but one whose work is soon to be completed, is in the auditorium. The stage was resurfaced and work continues on metal and wood decorations hung along side the stage.

Ljiljanich said the auditorium renovations will be done just in time for the Lake Shore Hospital rally set for Saturday at 12:30 p.m.

Ljiljanich said the school was contacted by state Senator Catharine Young, asking if the school would host the rally. The school accepted and has also made efforts to notify teachers, parents and the public of the upcoming event.

“(Secretary to the Superintendent Linda) Borrello has done so much by printing out fliers, sending emails and putting up posters in the hall,” Ljiljanich said, thanking her for her efforts.

The board of education will meet for its first budget workshop at 8 a.m. on Saturday before the rally. It will hold its next regular board meeting on Jan. 22.