Highs and lows: Some of the best, worst of the week

Here are some of the best – and worst – of the week:


ELECTION DATE MOVE – The village of Mayville is considering moving its elections from March to November. There’s a number of reasons why this makes sense. More people will vote in November than in March. The County Board of Elections will run village elections for free if they’re in November, but they will charge villages to run them in March. It’s easier on newly-elected officials to take office in January than it would be in April when most village budgets are already in place. We hope they go ahead and approve this plan. So far only Forestville has rejected a move, and we suspect that has more to do with residents being upset with the current administration than with the logic of moving election dates.

SKATING FUN – What can you do when the temperatures drop drastically? Make ice skating rinks! That’s what people in Dunkirk and Fredonia have done recently. We want to note the ice skating rinks at the old 4th Street softball diamond and the ice rink on Lowell Place were done by residents, not government. We applaud those who put these together and have been keeping it up.

NURSING PROGRAM MILESTONE – Jamestown Community College’s nursing program recently celebrated 50 years. JCC’s associate’s degree in nursing program was established in 1963 with a $7,600 grant from the Kellogg Foundation and served as the only such program in Western New York for several years. Today JCC offers the associate’s degree in nursing on both the Jamestown and Cattaraugus County campuses.


FREEDONIA HILLBILLIES (SIC) – Rantsports.com has ranked the 20 worst mascots in the country. Coming in at number 10 was the “Freedonia Hillbillies” (using the double e). The write-up states, “A hillbilly, ‘people who dwell in mountainous areas in the United States.’ First off, when I think of New York, I don’t think of mountains. Second, when I think of hillbilly, I picture a southern hick.” If you’re going to criticize our local school, at least spell it correctly! By the way, coming in at number one was the Point Pleasant Big Blacks in West Virginia. To see the whole list visit www.rantsports.com/clubhouse/2013/01/03/20-horrible-high-school-mascots/.