Gowanda selects students of the month

Austin Seeley, Grade 10, mathematics

Austin was nominated by Brandi LoBiancobe because he is on time and prepared for class. Austin always has his homework done, earns high grades, participates in class and is respectful too. He is willing to lend a helpful explanation to others who have questions in math. He is responsible and a pleasure to have in class.

Austin plans to enter law enforcement and become a police officer after graduating from GHS. He would like to be a NYS Trooper. The person who inspires Austin the most is his father because he always encourages him to do well. His advice to students is to work hard and not blindly follow someone; make your own choices.

Jonathan Pound, Grade 9, science

Jonathan was chosen by. Lois Piscitelli because he is a student with vision; he plans on going to a four-year college. When Jon is in science class, he is focused and ready for the challenges the day brings. Jon is a true representation of a Gowanda Panther: Prepared, Respectful, Involved, Determined and Excellent.

Jon runs cross country for the Panthers. Although college is in his future, he has not chosen a career. Jon’s advice to students is – if you don’t like the path you are on, make a new one.

Kelsey Herniman Grade 12,English language arts

Kelsey was nominated by Mrs. Propp because she is a dedicated and hard-working young woman. Kelsey has challenged herself with college level classes and remained on the high honor roll her entire high school career. Her work in class is on time and completed to perfection. She easily and with great poise presents her ideas during class discussions and works well in small groups with her peers. Currently, Kelsey is the senior class treasurer which involves keeping track of all the fund raising money and senior trip student accounts. Her work in this area is accurate and greatly appreciated.

In addition, Kelsey is the student council president, a director for many of the plays and musicals at GHS and a varsity tennis and track and field athlete. Her future includes college at SUNY Binghamton with a major in business marketing. Kelsey’s advice to anyone is not to let fear decide your fate, because even if you make a fool of yourself, at least you won’t be thinking “what if”.

Krista Lennertz, Grade 10, physical education

Krista was nominated by Mrs. Amy Cassidy because she has had exceptional attendance so far this year and is prepared for every class. She often helps others in class by encouraging her teammate and helping with skills. Krista has done a great job so far this year and is a good example of Panther Pride to her peers.

Krista participates in band, basketball, softball and is the president of the thespian society at GHS and of the chorus. She is a Yankees fan. After graduating Krista plans to become a pediatrician. The person who has influenced her the most is her sister Kelsey who motivates Krista to do her best.

Matthew Shea, Grade 12, social studies

Matt was nominated by Dan Ratel because he is a consistent hard worker in social studies. He excelled in AP U.S. history as a junior and this year is one the class leaders in the stock market project for economics. Matt will never shy away from a great sports debate. He plans on becoming a social studies teacher after college.

Matt participates on the Gowanda Varsity basketball team. He also holds a part-time job in town. After finishing high school he hopes to become a drug and alcohol counselor. Matt would like people to know that everything happens for a reason. The person that has influenced Matt the most is Mrs. Beth Westerheide because she has shown him how to overcome unfortunate circumstances in a positive way. His advice to students is to find yourself.

Phillip Goodremote, Grade 10, the arts

Phillip was nominated by Casey Mohr because he is a model art student in the creative crafts course. He is focused and driven in all of his projects and prepared each day for class participation. He is willing to take artistic risks, asking to learn more while working intently to successfully achieve new techniques. His artworks often inspire his peers. Phillip is more than willing to aid a fellow aspiring artist and reteach what he has learned. He is a quick study who is always willing to lend a hand. Self-motivation, high expectations, respect, responsibility and determination allow Phillip to be a strong art student who represents every aspect of Panther PRIDE. Phillip has achieved all of this in the midst of adapting to Gowanda High School as a new student this year.

Phillip enjoys outdoor activities when not in school. He plans to join the U.S. Marines after high school because he wants to help fight for his country. His advice to students is to keep your grades up and you will succeed.

Sarah Grubbs, Grade 12, Panther PRIDE

A student chosen for Panther PRIDE illustrates, on a daily basis, what being a panther means … prepared, respectful, involved, determined and excellence. This month’s selection is Sarah Grubbs.

Sarah is an exceptional student at GCS, one who will be remembered and admired by teachers and peers many years from now. Sarah participates in cross country, track and field, National Honor Society and Blue by U. After graduation Sarah plans to attend Niagara University or Roberts Wesleyan and major in psychology. She has always been interested in studying the mind and how it works. While at college she will participate in track and field and cross county. Sarah’s advice to students is to do your best in high school so that your future is full of success.

Christopher Cook, Grade 10, language

Christopher was nominated by Barb Dempsey because he is a very quiet student who excels in Spanish class. Chris comes to class prepared and ready to learn. His wonderful work ethic and positive attitude earn him the respect of his peers and teachers. Christopher is exceptional due to his determination to succeed. One area where Chris excels is projects. For his Dia de los Muertos, he talked about his great-grandfather. The presentation was wonderful and demonstrated fantastic speaking skills. Chris is a great student and truly deserves this honor.

Chris is a baseball player for the Panthers and enjoys many other sports. After high school he plans to go to college and major in engineering. Math and science have always interested him. Chris’ advice to students is to set an example; it is better than following others

Jennifer Jaroszewski, Grade 12, business

Jennifer was nominated by Paula Ondus because she is able to understand the concepts that are taught in her personal finance class quickly and excels academically. She shows leadership by assisting her peers in class and is always asking to help with whatever is needed.

Jennifer works part-time after school which inhibits her from participating in extra-curricular activities this year. She is planning to pursue a career in accounting because she enjoys math. Her advice to students is that time flies so make the most with what you have and never give up on life.