Pomfret pump station set to clear final hurdles

The town of Pomfret’s proposed Webster Road pump station is close to jumping over the final hurdles before it can be ordered and installed.

Wendel engineer Lauren Glose attended the Pomfret Town Board’s meeting recently to give an update on the progress of the North End Water District.

“We have received word from the Chautauqua County Health Department that they have approved the pump design,” she said. “The New York State Health Department, we actually spoke with them (Tuesday), and they just have a couple clarifications for us to make, but they’ve given their sign-off once they’ve gotten those clarifications.”

Glose went on to confirm that the Fredonia Village Board is expected to pass a resolution at its Monday meeting. The village must sign off on the pump station since it would result in an alteration in the water district contract between it and the town.

“I haven’t seen the resolution yet, but I don’t think it comes with any qualifications,” Town Attorney Jeffrey Passafaro added. “I don’t think there’s anything remediate. It’s going clean.”

The town board is expecting to approve the change order for the pump station at next month’s meeting. The pump station is expected to cost about $86,000 and will address the problem of low water pressure along the Webster Road area.

Glose also reported the contractor is currently installing services to homes, but must wait for residents to schedule internal plumbing inspections before services can actually be installed.

“It seems to be a slow process for homeowners to call and schedule that inspection,” she said. “We’re still struggling to get everybody called in so that we can have all these services hooked up and the meters put in.”

During a public hearing on the proposed attendance policy for members of the Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board, Supervisor Donald Steger noted there is no real need to create a brand new local law on the matter since the issue is addressed in the proposed town zoning code update, which will eventually be adopted by the board.

“The biggest benefit to the new code, as it came back from General Code, was that it’s indexed now and it is easily searchable, where our current code is not easily searchable,” he said regarding the update. “So, we will be preparing and attempting to bring the new board members up-to-date on the information contained in there.”

“It really needs to be looked over carefully by the board, and then me, before … adoption,” Passafaro said, adding the update will also incorporate amendments to the current code that have been passed by the town board since 1995. “There’s no urgency for you to do anything with this (right now). Hold your public hearing, once you’ve held it, it’s now a matter of an agenda item. It can be taken up by the board in the totality of zoning changes, or individually.”

Also during the meeting, the board accepted the audit of the court books for 2013. Steger said his concerns regarding the books were “minimal” and that he was “pleased” with them.

Councilwoman Ann Eckman stated she wanted to address concerns regarding her absence from the meeting in which the fire protection district contract with the village of Fredonia was approved. Eckman works in Buffalo and was unable to get out of work to attend the meeting because it was scheduled on such short notice.

“That was the only reason I wasn’t here, was due to my employment,” she said. “It had nothing to do with the subject matter.”

Highway Superintendent Daniel Bigelow announced the sale of an old loader has been finalized. The original bidder came through with the purchase after concerns the bill was not being paid.

The board will hold a special meeting and workshop on Feb. 5 at 6:30 p.m. in the town hall to potentially solidify the list of roads for Phase II of the North End Water District, as well as to go over the proposed zoning code update. The next regular meeting is Feb. 12 at 6:30 p.m.

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