‘Cost’ matters with sports

During a meeting to discuss the future of sports at Cassadaga Valley Central Schools last week, there was an unwelcome comment made by a school board member.

William A. Carlson, after listening to concerns by potential athletes and their parents, insinuated that the expense of running athletics at the school is not an issue. “If the problem is cost, we will find a way around it. I want to see programs stay.”

In an age when academic programs are all too often being eliminated in school districts, that is not an appropriate response. Even in school budget votes, in the rare cases they are defeated, sports and extracurricular activities are the first things to be looked at when considering cuts.

All school costs are an issue. If merging teams saves money, the CVCS board needs to step up and be a leader with that option.

Participation, by all accounts, is in question for next season. If there can be savings with sports teams, then maybe those funds can be allocated for what schools are really about: learning.