Experts should run for city office

I would like to take this opportunity to support the mayor of the city of Dunkirk, Anthony J. Dolce.

Despite what a recent commentary in this newspaper said, his effort is not a losing proposition. He is, instead, doing a good job with what he has to work with.

As city residents are aware, he does not have the support of council on his agenda. He has a city attorney who constantly interferes with decisions that are being made instead of just doing his job of being an attorney.

The lack of paving is one of the items that have been on Dolce’s agenda, including the repairs at the filtration plant, the disposal plant, the city garage and the equipment that is out of date, which we all found out during the last snowstorm. Our fire department buildings also need repairs.

There have been writers and commenters to these pages who don’t agree with the noted problems and some writers think they will just go away. Those same people then offer recommendations that are far from the truth. Some problems, such as the seawall, have been on the table for years, but other issues were of greater importance.

Some others come up with figures and expenses of projects, but none of these so-called experts have served on the Common Council to see first-hand what the city has to deal with. The only thing I can observe that is outdated is this Common Council. What has it achieved since being in office? Only one or two members have anything to say at the meetings, which are preprogrammed and recorded, after this council gave a TV operator $1,000 a month. This is a fiasco.

I am glad at least one of the council members will be going to see first-hand how the city barns operate. Maybe she will take some of that money that is allocated to the library and transfer it to the Streets Department where it belongs.

You would think this council would see the importance of these departments to operate. With the funding this council gave to the library, it proves they just don’t know where the priorities are.

Finally, Dunkirk does not need a city manager – and any more self-proclaimed experts.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to