Pomfret: SAFE Act talk off target

New Pomfret Town Board member Christopher Schaeffer took aim at a controversial state law last week.

But he, like many other local representatives, are wasting their time.

Approved last January, the state’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act has been a source of debate for 12 months now. Opponents point to the Second Amendment, while those who favor it believe in some sort of gun control.

While this newspaper also has spoken against the law, our problem with Pomfret and Schaeffer putting this in the spotlight is the law is something the town board has no control over. Villages, cities, school districts and county legislatures are in the same boat.

This law was an edict from Albany. Local boards, by discussing this, are only making busy work and grandstanding.

There are plenty of other items for local boards to tackle that are a priority. So, area representatives, stick to the job you took on – managing a small municipality.

And residents, if you are upset or happy with the SAFE Act, send a communication to your state representative or Gov. Andrew Cuomo.