COMMISSION: An admonishment and a stern message

Fredonia and Pomfret Justice David Prince may have been admonished by the state Commission on Judicial Conduct regarding an arraignment, but there still is support for his message.

After a domestic incident in 2012 in which a live-in boyfriend allegedly shoved a woman into a kitchen table, screamed profanities and forced open a door to her room with children present, the victim did not press charges. Prince then apparently became upset.

According to the commission’s report, the judge spoke to the woman “in an angry and discourteous manner and threatened to take action to have the victim’s children taken from her home, because of her expressed desire not to pursue the criminal charges.”

Prince’s actions were frowned upon by the commission, but in an age when there is a sentiment for justice to be served, a number of his constituents are likely to be forgiving.