Silver Creek board reviews busy weekend

SILVER CREEK – Between flooding conditions, a rally and a polar bear swim the village of Silver Creek was a busy place to be last weekend.

Silver Creek Mayor Nick Piccolo thanked all those involved in helping with the flooding Saturday morning.

“We have come very close to a flood twice already this winter. I want to commend the fire department, the disaster team and village employees for their help responding to the situation,” he said at the board meeting Monday.

Piccolo said although some residents on Oliver, Rix and Dana places were evacuated, there was not much damage. He did report that Excelco had 4.5 feet of water in its basement, which took the department of public works six hours to pump out.

Piccolo said once the ice was freed, the water receded quickly.

“We were lucky,” he added.

At about the same time this was going on, state Senator Catharine Young was hosting the rally to save Lake Shore Hospital at Silver Creek High School.

Piccolo also commended Young and other county, state and federal officials for their hard work and determination to find a solution to keep the vital hospital open.

On Sunday, the flood conditions and cold weather did not stop many people from braving the water of Lake Erie at the 13th annual Polar Bear Swim.

“Those brave souls who did the polar bear swim – I’m glad they had a good turnout, it is a good cause,” Piccolo said.

One of those “brave souls” was Trustee Ben Peters, who according to Piccolo had a very speedy dip before returning to shore.

Piccolo also thanked the DPW for dealing with the huge amounts of snow this season. He said they had to work hard to remove snow fast enough and at one point were struggling to find places to put the snow.

“We moved snow to the boat launch, to Borrello Park and even down to the old DPW,” he said.

He added that there have been some complaints about how narrow roads are made by snow on the shoulders and cars parking on both sides. The DPW is attempting to address this but it was also noted it is residents’ responsibility to maintain and plow sidewalks.