Haase notches 256 game for?Dunkirk

OBSERVER Staff Report

Brandon Haase cracked a 256-243-662 to lift the Dunkirk Marauders to a 4-0 sweep of the Falconer Golden Falcons in CCAA West I boys high school bowling.

Dunkirk (15-5) bowled a 920-885-942-2,747 compared to Falconer’s (0-20) 699-619-595-1,913 at Lucky Lanes.

Dale Lombardo added a 201-226 while Peter Kubera had a 181-205 in the win. John Collins finished with a 170-181 for the Marauders.

Falconer was led by Nathan Sanders’ 203-460. Joe Linkos had a 154 and Jacob Scott rolled a 152-400 in defeat.

For the girls, Dunkirk’s (18-2) linescore read 751-748-620-2,119 while Falconer (0-20) combined for a 480-576-563-1,619.

The Lady Marauders received a 191-168-497 from Alyssa Clement. Samantha Moser added a 178-160 while Adrianna Penceck had a 178 and Hannah Schnur had a 168 in the win.

The Lady Golden Falcons were led by Lizzy Wallace’s 145 and Jessica Zdurski’s 132-132.

Dunkirk returns to action Wednesday at Frewsburg.

Fredonia handles Frewsburg

FREDONIA – The Fredonia bowling teams took care of Frewsburg on Monday at Lucky Lanes.

In the boys match, Fredonia won 3-1. The Fredonia boys posted line scores of 931-967-784-2,682 while Frewsburg shot 754-718-805-2,277.

High rollers for Fredonia were Ricky Burgstrom (233-288), Collin Schanzlin (201) and Jeff Rowe (234). Burgstrom’s 288 game tied the school record.

High scores for Frewsburg included Caleb Terhune with a 204-498 series while Justin Randall had a 175 game.

Fredonia’s boys are now 11-9 for the season and Frewsburg is 9-11.

The Fredonia girls won their match 4-0. The Fredonia girls’ line scores were 750-754-778-2,282 compared to Frewsburg’s 632-645-723-2,000. High rollers for Fredonia was Genna Riddle with a 181-178-175-534 series. Morgan Cotton had a 177 game and Haley Zebraski had a 176 game. Frewsburg’s Shelby Snow rolled a 176-461 series while Emily Norton had a 180 game and Maisie Terhune had a 151 game.

Fredonia’s girls are 18-2 while Frewsburg is 4-16.

Fredonia travels to Jamestown on Wednesday.

Hornets sting Bulldogs

The Forestville Hornets stung the Brocton Bulldogs on Monday in CCAA West II boys high school bowing at Lucky Lanes.

Forestville’s (19-5) linescore read 863-769-819- 2,451 compared to Brocton’s (6-16) 769-720-725-2,214.

The Hornets were led by Brad Dillenburg’s 219-554. Macadam Gadewoltz added a 210 for the winners.

The Bulldogs received a 215-202-565 from Mark Nickerson while Taylor Delcamp finished with a 175-503. Anthony Miller had a 179 game in a losing effort.

Forestville returns to action today at Randolph.

On Friday, the Forestville boys and girls teams both posted 3-1 wins over Randolph at Lucky Lanes.

The Hornets were led by Phil Narroway with 243-606 and Brad Dillenburg connected for 218-598.

Randolph’s Dalton Taylor led his team with 222-563 and Skyler Schapp was next with a 212-533 series.

As for the girls, Forestville’s Emily Narroway rolled 186-491, Shawntai Brown followed with 168-466 and Haylee Valentine also had a 168 single.

Tyler Henderson rolled 193-193-560 for the Lady Cardinals, Shelby Spengler tossed a 433 and Cienna Ribblett had a 187 single.

Knights shine over T’birds

SILVER CREEK – The Silver Creek Black Knights took care of Chautauqua Lake in high school bowling.

For the boys, Silver Creek (12-8) combined for a 789-832-888-2,506 compared to Chautauqua Lake’s (0-23-1) 505-570-610-1,685 at Lakeview Lanes.

The Knights were led by Tim Manning’s 199-194-178-571 and Carl Cotroneo’s 207-192-555. Robert Paterson contributed in the win with a 183-158-153-494.

The Thunderbirds’ standout out was A.J. Utegg with a 175-157-457.

In the girls’ match, Silver Creek prevailed 4-0.

The Knights (10-6) rolled a 577-639-525-1,741 while Chautauqua Lake (0-20) rolled a 547-454-438-1,439.

Silver Creek’s top bowler was Jamie Hehir with a 186-158-144-488. Katie Dittiger cracked a 156-140-432 in the win and McKenna Steklasa had a 168 game in the win. Andrea Olsen had a 157 game for Silver Creek.

The Lady Thunderbirds received a 171-166-164-501 from Heather Sullivan while Alexa Anderson charted a 149 game in defeat.

Silver Creek takes on Forestville on Wednesday at Lucky Lanes.