Two Arkwright councilmen sworn in

ARKWRIGHT – Two new councilmen were sworn in Monday night during the Arkwright Town Board organizational meeting.

Chris Cannon stood proudly as he took the oath, as did Clint Nagel. Both said they were very excited to be on the board.

“It’s a great challenge,” Nagel said. “My family is really supportive.”

Nagel said God takes the reins and shows him what to do.

“I had ideas about running for several years now,” Cannon said. “It was a relief to have won.”

Cannon said his goal as new councilman is to find a way to deal with the problems with town buildings.

The two spent their time before the swearing in signing documents handed to them by the other board members.

Justice John Potter swore them both in after the pledge of allegiance.

Stephen Kershnar was appointed the new ethics committee member after some lengthy discussion.

Councilman Roger Cardot wanted Kershnar to understand what came to his mind when he thought of ethics.

“I want people who hold ethics in highest regard,” he said. “I know people who have been around a long time and their ethics are of the highest I’ve seen.”

Supervisor Frederic Norton approved of Kershnar being the new ethics committee member because of his background.

“I think a legal background is nice,” Supervisor Norton said. “He brings a different point of view to the position which is important.”

Kerchnar said he holds the values of lawyers higher than that of teachers.

Wallace Baker was appointed the new dog control officer.