Comedian Steve-O coming to Buffalo

A “Jackass” star is coming to Buffalo. Stephen “Steve-O” Glover will be performing at Helium Comedy Club starting tonight through Saturday. Steve-O, who has been doing comedy shows for the majority of the past three years, said his comedy shows are an “evolving” process. The current name of his tour is entitled, “Steve-O’s Entirely Too Much Information Tour,” and has no limits, he said.

“It’s been an evolving thing. I definitely do some oversharing at my shows. I mean in particularly, as of late, most recently I had some pretty intense personal stuff going on in my life. … The shows have been really pretty juicy. I’m really fired up on comedy right now,” Glover said.

That oversharing of information is what sets him apart from other comedians, he added. He said that he is “rigorously honest” throughout his show. He said he will start out the comedy show with jokes and false stories but then change to honest anecdotes.

“Moving forward, everything is going to be true but rigorously honest. When it comes to the stories, you best believe it that stuff happened and it happened the way I describe it. It’s hard to believe in a lot of cases because there’s a lot of seriously outrageous stuff. I think comedy is sort of dependent on truthfulness; I think what makes jokes funny is that they’re true,” he said. “… I feel like the show I’m doing right now is so strong. I’m so psyched. To come to Buffalo where I’ve never done stand up before is extra rad.”

While touring extensively in comedy, Glover said he has put more pressure on himself to come up with new material. He said he never wants to repeat comedic material while performing in the same city. To combat this Glover said he has recently been in a “creative space” generating new material.

“The problem with places that I’ve already been is I put all this pressure on myself to come up with all new stuff. I don’t want to go back and have people come and see me do the same stuff,” he said. “I’ve been really putting in work to generate new stuff.”

Glover, who is famous from the “Jackass” TV shows and movies, also appeared on “Dancing with the Stars” in 2009. He strongly suggested young children stay home and those who enjoyed his dancing to stay at home due to the amount of overshare.

“If you’re thinking about coming to my show because you enjoyed watching me on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ go ahead and don’t come,” he joked. “If you’re a fan of ‘Jackass,’ you can’t go wrong.”

While Glover does pull some stories from his recently released memoir, he said those attending the comedy show will have a different experience. He said while parts of the book are funny, the book is not meant to be a comedic one.

“Even though there is overlap between my live show and my book, it’s a wildly different experience when it does overlap,” he said. “For people who read the book … there’s different versions of the same stuff. Even though the book is really funny in parts, it’s not designed as a comedy book. The show is absolutely, from beginning to end, a comedy show.”

At the end of the show, Glover said that he makes a promise to audience members – he will take a photo and talk to anyone who is willing.

“After the show, every single person in the crowd who wants a photo, I stick around and hang out until everybody who wants a photo gets one. Buying a ticket is like a backstage pass,” he said.

Shows are tonight through Saturday with two shows each on Friday and Saturday. To purchase tickets, visit

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