Time ticking down for town to act on comprehensive plan

The Dunkirk Town Board gathered Thursday night to talk about plans for the town as well as its town hall.

Supervisor Richard Purol said the board really needs to think about the building.

“We need to consider what to do about town hall,” he said. “We started to revamp it last year but we need to get moving on upgrading.”

The townwide comprehensive plan is due tonight, after the planning board meeting at 4:15 p.m. the board will gather again to decide what to do.

Purol said the requests for proposals have to be decided on today because board members have had since Jan. 3 to get this done and the proposal rates are about to expire.

“We need to have it done,” he said. “It is up to us to hire whoever the consultant will be and we need to treat it like a bid.”

The planning board can make recommendations on which engineer to hire for the project, but it is ultimately up to the town board to decide.

Attorney Jeffrey Passafaro said it is important that the board looks at the total expense and gets what it needs out of the plan.

“This isn’t a bid situation,” he said. “This is a request for proposals and a decision on what is reasonable for the town.”

Purol said the board has the responsibility to the town to make the right choice.

“We need to design the best we can so our (future board members) will have it to build on,” he said.

Councilman Juan Pagan said he wants the board to put its stamp on the plan.

The regular board meeting will be Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. and include the organizational meeting. More plans will be discussed about the Roberts Road Water Project at that meeting.