Why do I write this column?

As I write this, it is Jan. 8. We have had a week of severe cold (even below zero) and we have had snow that has piled up high, melted with the rain and then came back to pile up again. Yesterday my furnace ran all day and the temperature couldn’t go higher than 60 degrees! However, this afternoon warmed up and my house is warm and cozy.

We were lucky. The blizzard conditions that we saw in Buffalo were horrendous! Well, I guess it’s pay back time for the mild winters we had for three years.

I learned something yesterday. Someone, a friend, told me about some of the comments readers make about this column on the internet (computer). I don’t own one so I’m in the dark (oblivious) to that world. Some were good, some were bad. Since writers are allowed to use false names, I would imagine there were more negative than positive. I find in real life, face to face, people are kind. Kindness is its own reward. Meanness leaves its mark too. Bitterness shows on your face. Don’t do that to yourself!

Now why do I write this column? It’s not a popularity contest. I’m laying myself wide open for criticism. That’s fine, but it’s an opportunity to give people the chance to think and reevaluate their lives. As a rule, people are afraid of change, but if ideas are presented to them in such a way that they have the choice, the freedom to change for the better, and it’s not being rammed down their throat, they will make better decisions. That’s why I repeat that we have the power of choice. We can live like the devil – it’s our choice, but then there are consequences. If we choose well, we’ll have good consequences. It’s up to us. So I say, “If you’re not satisfied with your life, look in the mirror and you’ll see who’s to blame.” You have made bad decisions, but you’re in control. Make some wise decisions and see how you can turn your life around. It’s up to you.

If you have strong opinions and it’s your way or the highway, you won’t have many friends. Have you noticed this is more prevalent among men?

Just consider this, we all need friends. With more friends, we will live longer and have more joyful lives. It’s not weakness to let go a little.

Ladies, do you remember what my mother taught me about having a good marriage? It’s worth repeating. She said, “when you get married, don’t try to win all the time because when you win, your husband loses. You want to make a loser out of your husband? Let him win and he’ll give you more than what you wanted.”

“But Mama, what about my rights?” She would answer, “Ah, is it better to be right than loved?”

What a good teacher! We were blessed. These are things we have to work at until they are second nature to us. I’m lucky. I only hear the compliments. It’s hard to give complaints in person. It’s easier to do it behind a fictitious name. It’s OK because I learn from criticism.

Now let’s change the subject. I write to inform too and this is a good way to start the new year, Here are eight fatal foods for seniors. These are deadly poison. 1.) fresh bean sprouts or alfalfa; 2.)shellfish served raw (usually oysters); 3. raw fish like tuna tartare; 4.) raw meat or poultry like steak tartare; 5. raw or unpasteurized milk or cheese; 6.) soft cheese like feta, brie, and blue cheese served at room temperature; 7.) lightly cooked eggs, or raw eggs in unbaked cookie dough or cake batter, or homemade eggnog or mayo; 8.) unpasteurized fruit or vegetable juice. These are the exceptions. Most natural foods are very healthful.

Here are some useful tips: 1.) Blueberries keep your mind sharp. 2.) Cinnamon keeps your high blood pressure under control. 3.) Oranges will keep your clogged arteries crystal clear. 4.) Here is a list of sicknesses that can be helped by eating apricots. They are: heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, some stomach and intestinal concerns, and it can help prevent loss of memory. How do apricots do this? It’s the beta carotene, B vitamins, and other nutrients in apricots that do this! Even helps Alzheimers!

Here’s some good news. Scientists have found out that Biblical oil protects you from heart disease, stroke, cancer, and dementia!

Sourdough bread can control blood sugar and hold off diabetes better than whole grain.

There is so much more good news. I got this from a complimentary issue of Gayle K. Woods Pocket Companion to “AntiAging Super Food for Seniors.” P.O. Box 2528, Peachtree City, Ga. 30269-9801. I highly recommend it. I hate to put it down. There’s a lot more in this book, but so much more in the original book. Add this information to your new year’s resolutions!

Keep happy and healthy!