Some city voting sites to change

MAYVILLE – The Chautauqua County Board of Elections has sent Dunkirk Mayor Anthony J. Dolce and Common Council members a proposal to realign Ward 2 Election Districts to allow voters closest to St. John’s UCC on Eagle Street and voters closest to Dunkirk First Baptist Church on Central Avenue to vote at the poll sites closest to their homes. The BOE is required by election law to consult with municipalities when making poll site changes.

“Over the years as the Board of Elections has vacated former Dunkirk City School District poll sites, voters have not always been reassigned to poll sites that were closest to their homes,” said Election Commissioner Norman P. Green.

“Some voters are currently driving past working poll sites to arrive at their designated sites,” said Election Commissioner Brian C. Abram. “While we haven’t had any complaints, we are being proactive and provide for common sense neighborhood poll site locations when possible.”

The BOE is proposing significant changes for Ward 2 voters in new Election Districts 2 and 3 that will allow voters to vote at the Dunkirk First Baptist Church and St. John’s UCC poll sites closest to their residences.

The historical Ward 2 and Ward 3 dividing line down the center of Central Avenue is to be returned as part of the BOE election district changes planned. Twenty years ago, the Dunkirk City Ward boundary line between Wards 2 and 3 was altered to accommodate a County Legislature district change.

All Ward 4 and Ward 1 voters will find no change from their 2013 poll site assignments and will continue to vote at their currently assigned poll sites. Ward 3 voters located at the northern end of the ward and closest to the SUNY Fredonia Incubator on Central Avenue will continue to vote at that location. The Board of Elections endeavors to keep these new proposed poll site lines through the 2020 U.S. Census release and required reapportionment of voters once every 10 years.

The BOE will send a special mailing to all voters who are reassigned to new poll sites for voting and will utilize the media to the greatest extent possible.