Pomfret to gauge water need during rescheduled meeting

The layout of Phase II of the town of Pomfret’s North End Water District project will soon be determined, and residents will have a say in where the project should continue.

A notice is being sent out to potential Phase II property owners for a rescheduled upcoming public informational meeting to gain input from residents on the need for public water.

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the BOCES LoGuidice Center, 9520 Fredonia Stockton Road.

The meeting was initially going to be held in mid-December, but was canceled due to bad weather. A rescheduled meeting was going to take place earlier this month, as well, but was once again canceled due to the weather.

This upcoming meeting is the second time the meeting has been rescheduled.

A presentation will take place during the meeting, followed by a question and answer period by Wendel engineers overseeing the project, as well as members of the Pomfret Town Board.

Potential streets that may be included in Phase II are: Webster Road (west of Rood Road), Farel Road, Van Buren Road, Walden Road, Ellicott Road, Adams Road, North Road, Lowell Road, Lamberton Road, Straight Road, Christy Road, Harmon Hill Road, Lakeview Road, Eagle Street, Wilbur Road and Berry Road (outside the Berry Road Water District).

Questions on the project can be directed to Lauren Glose at 688-0766.