A special thank you to Gov. Cuomo

On Dec. 15, in announcing the NRG re-powering and expansion, state Gov. Andrew Cuomo noted that it was an example of “government working for the people.”

Gov. Cuomo, on behalf of the residents and taxpayers of the city, I would like to express sincere appreciation to you for showing how effectively government DID work for the people of Dunkirk and Chautauqua County.

For months, men and women from all across the area spoke with one voice in support of the critical nature for NRG’s repowering to be approved.

Gov. Cuomo, you listened.

You heard the thousands of area residents who signed petitions, placed yard signs of support, sent letters detailing the critical importance of NRG to the area, or attended and passionately spoke at the July PSC hearing at Fredonia State.

You heard the men and women who, with a unified voice, explained that re-powering will prevent local economic devastation to an upstate area that you recently noted in your State of the State has lagged behind the rest of New York, and in many respects, the rest of the country.

You heard the businessmen and laborers, teachers and students, retirees and baby-boomers, of all political persuasions, explain in their own way how repowering will provide short- and long-term economic vibrancy through immediate construction jobs, and their direct and ancillary economic spin-off, as well as long-term facility employment.

Repowering NRG was an issue that everyone understood as being critical to the region. And, Gov. Cuomo, you heard and acted.

Anthony J. Dolce is mayor of the city of Dunkirk.