Arkwright discusses dogs, wind turbines

ARKWRIGHT – During the recent Arkwright Town Board, the focus was on dogs and wind turbines.

The first matter brought to the board’s attention was that of wind turbines being put up in the town.

Project Manager of EDP Renewables North America Derek Rieman said he has been developing the project for a number of years now.

“We want to bring a wind farm to the area,” he said. “The community would have an opportunity to sell.”

Rieman said it is great for the environment and economy.

“It would mean great economic development for the community,” he said. “It would bring a lot of money to the town.”

Supervisor Frederic Norton said the real problem is Governor Andrew Cuomo doesn’t favor wind turbines.

“Frankly, we need the money,” he said.

“This community wants this project,” Rieman said. “We need to drive that message home.”

Rieman said he hopes to get the ball rolling on the project soon and be able to develop the wind turbines in the area.

Pure-breed dog owner Jeffery Arch brought to the board’s attention his desire for a pure-breed license to run his business. He brought his attorney, Dan Schum, to the meeting to help shed some legal light on the subject. Schum said the town is now responsible for authorizing pure-breed licenses to residents of the area for the ability to run their businesses.

“This is my client’s livelihood,” he said. “His business is at home and doesn’t hurt the town in any way.”

Arch said he needs the license for his insurance so he can continue to safely bring the pure breeds to shows.

“I need my insurance to cover the show dogs. So, if I flip my car on the way to a show, every dog is covered,” he said. “If I don’t have the insurance the clients could sue me.”

Councilman Roger Cardot said a pure-breed license will not cover that and has nothing to do with insurance.

“He needs the pure-breed license in order to do his business,” Schum disagreed.

The board decided to handle this matter during its next meeting on Feb. 10.