Colander lifts ‘torch of freedom’

I am moved to write a note of support regarding the recent story your paper ran regarding Pomfret Town Council member Christopher Schaeffer and his swearing the oath of office while wearing a colander on his head.

I would like you to know that while I’m sure the man will take criticism for his actions, I believe that Christopher Schaeffer is a real American hero. In this day and age of religious litmus tests it takes real bravery for an elected official to stand before his constituency and say things that may make them uncomfortable.

One of the guiding principles of our nation’s formation was supposedly freedom of religion which by its definition means freedom from religion yet every day we’re told how un-American we are if we don’t wish our neighbors “Merry Christmas:” during the holidays.

Our lawmakers whittle away the rights of women to control their own bodies based on some biblical concept that bears no relation to logic and has no place in a modern society. Christian interest groups seek to deprive our gay brothers and sisters the right to marry, to declare their love and enjoy the same legal protections of the straight community because of some Iron Age mythology. These same people deny science. They wish to “teach the controversy” to our children where none exists.

Sorry folks, the jury is in. Evolution is testable and demonstrable; it’s science. What they offer are tall tales told by witch doctors dressed in robes.

I say to Councilman Christopher Schaeffer, bravo sir. I hope that if I ever have an opportunity to stand before the community at large I will show the same bravery you have; to demonstrate my patriotism by supporting the rights of others at every opportunity. That’s what it is to be a Pastafarian; to wear a colander on one’s head is a small price to pay to raise the torch of freedom higher. You honor us all.

Edward Ballinger is an

Allentown, Pa., resident.