Cassadaga Valley to discuss merging sports with Falconer

CASSADAGA – During the Cassadaga Valley Board of Education meeting in the Sinclairville Elemen-tary cafeteria, the board spoke with the administration about sports and field trips.

Superintendent Thomas Schmidt said Falconer is interested in merging sports with Cassadaga Valley and there will be a special meeting Monday at 5:45 p.m. in the Middle/ High School Multi-purpose Room to discuss the matter.

“Falconer has approached us and asked to merge sports with them,” he said. “It is time we talk with our parents and let them know.”

Schmidt said that although sports are important, education is more important and that is what the focus is on at Cassadaga Valley.

Girls Varsity Softball Coach Ken Balling said the girls really need a second field and he wanted to use the elementary field.

“We need some direction,” he said. “The field here is beautiful and ready to use.”

Balling said it would be cheaper for them in the long run to make the elementary field their second field.

Vice President Jeanne Oag said she would love to see the field be used.

Elementary School Principal John Kwietniewski said the fourth- and fifth-graders will attend the Jan. 29 performance of the Civil War at SUNY Fredonia.

Middle School Principal Richard Siegel said the annual seventh-grade trip to the Genesee Country Village and Museum was moved to May this year.

“It is a really wonderful trip,” he said. “The kids really get to see what it looks like to live in the time they are studying.”

Siegel said it works out better to have the trip in May, instead of the fall.