Teaching through drama

Have you ever noticed that when the OBSERVER prints the photos of wanted lawbreakers they usually are males? Once in awhile there is one female and once in a great while there are two females. Come to think of it, most jails are filled with males. Have you ever asked yourself why?

Let’s look at some of the differences between the two sexes. Women are more emotional. They cry easily and often. Men pride themselves that they never cry. Women like to dwell on the abstracts like love, joy, wisdom, giving and hope. They are the homemakers, the peacemakers. On the other hand, the males are the providers and the doers. They are mechanics, plumbers, painters, electricians, etc. They are fixers. Their work is very visible, very tangible.

I’m so glad we’re so different. We complement each other and together we’re complete. We need each other. That’s the way God made us. Just think! First He made Adam. Then He saw he needed a mate and He made Eve. They were good for each other.

I’m so glad He made us so that we needed each other. So often I’ll say that I’m stupid about mechanical things. I readily admit it, but then I’m good at other things.

One of the things I wanted to do was teach through drama. I’ll give you an example. I wrote a play about a single mom who was bringing up three sons. One day she came home dog tired from work. She opens the door and what does she see? The sink is filled with dirty dishes, the table is covered with books, pens, and papers, and the chairs have coats and jackets on them. She burst out crying! The boys ran to her side. What was wrong? She explained to them that she was exhausted and couldn’t do it anymore.

The boys said they were sorry. What could they do? (Boy what a grand opening!)

She started with the dishes in the sink. Someone had to wash, someone else had to wipe, and the third son could put them away. The boys looked at each other and said they could easily do that. What else?

Mom was on a roll. “When you come home from school, hang up your coats and jackets in the back closet, then go to your rooms, take your books with you, change into play clothes and put your books at your desks. Now your things aren’t in the way, but you know where they are and when you’re ready to do your homework, you know where everything is. Could you do that?”

Sure they could change the past and make the future look better. The house would look better for sure!

“I’ll do the cooking, but you boys can clean up afterwards and do just what you did with the dishes in the sink!”

“On Saturday morning we’ll decide who is going to change your bedding and put on clean sheets. Maybe each of you should change your own sheets and put the used ones in the laundry room. Then you can dust and who will do the floors? I’ll clean the downstairs for now and we’ll see how this will work out. This will give you good practice for college!”

“College? That’s a long way off!”

Mom replied, “It will be here before you know it!”

We can stop the play there and then we can evaluate it. Is it reality? Are families really like this? Whose fault is it?

To begin with, Mom was so busy being the provider, she forgot her duties as a mother. She should have taught the boys how to take care of themselves. This is good for them. They learn responsibilities. They learn good habits. She is preparing them for adulthood. Not only that, they will be good husbands and fathers. They are both good relationships.

How many times have you had a bad situation because you never asked for help? You are neglecting your family if you don’t teach them at an early age.

I had a neighbor once who used to get mad at his son because he needed help with the lawn and the bushes and his son never helped him.

His wife used to ask, “Did you ever ask him?”

His answer was, “I shouldn’t have to ask. Doesn’t he see what has to be done?”

No, they don’t see. Just like the boys in this drama did not see. We all have to get into this situation and then it is so rewarding!

If this story has helped you, make me aware of your problem and I’ll turn it into a story. We’re in this together.

Live better, be happy!

P.S. This is important! It’s about a bill that will send more of our manufacturing overseas! The public is calling it Shafta. The first was Nafta that took a lot of our jobs overseas. Our manufacturers take their businesses overseas. They make their products very cheaply, then they sell them to us at big prices! They don’t even pay tariffs! Both parties are pushing it! Come on people – speak up! Call your representatives, write the president! Do we need a third party to listen to us? I’m concerned.