Forestville receives capital outlay project update

FORESTVILLE – Security upgrades are currently in progress at the Forestville Central School. Business Administrator Carolyn Robertson said a capital outlay project is under way to upgrade security measures at the district.

“(It’s) a small capital outlay project, a total of $100,000, to get swipe card access to the buildings is the main focus of the project so we can keep our buildings maintained and locked,” Robertson said.

Robertson said the electrician had been installing the wiring for swipe card access. Some doors in the district had to be retrofitted prior to the swipe card access being installed, including the elementary school doors.

“One of the major problems was that the main entrance at the elementary school, those doors are in pretty rough shape which we knew. … However, it’s become a critical need. To retrofit those doors and add the electrical stripe, would kind of be a waste (of money),” said Robertson. “They’ve had even more issues over the past couple weeks. … they had to put a bracket to brace the frame to just get the doors to close at the end of the night.”

The district will look for quotes to replace the door unit in the lobby of the elementary school. Robertson said it would cost more to upgrade the doors for swipe card access when the district had plans to replace the doors in the near future.

The replacement of the door cannot be included into the current capital outlay project. Robertson said the district could replace the doors and the project could be funded through the NY SAFE Act. The NY SAFE Act will reimburse 80 percent of the project, compared to 90 percent through state aid, for security upgrades without a complete building project.

Robertson also announ-ced the district assisted the Johnson Adult Homes and gave credit to Transportation Supervisor Neil Waterman. The adult home had several power outages recently and their emergency plans call for the district to transport residents to a local Catholic church for temporary shelter.

Robertson said the transportation went very smoothly and the district did incur some minimal costs. Superintendent Charles Leichner thanked Waterman, also giving his “personal thanks” for his leadership and making several trips busing people.

“Certainly we want to help them out and the weather is terrible and we don’t want to leave folks who have needs sitting in the cold. We also have to make sure we are doing that responsibly,” Leichner said.

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