Village also ‘heavy handed’

Once again, area government officials have put their foot in their mouth when it comes to distinguishing the difference between the private and public sector.

During last week’s Village Board meeting, a plea by the Fredonia Cable Board to seek additional funding to upgrade equipment was rightly met with questioning. Where the discussion got bizarre was when Janel Subjack, a staunch proponent of higher taxes and fees in the village, singled out village franchise fee payer and partner Time Warner Cable. She noted the company can be “pretty heavy handed with increases.”

Geez. Who else do we know as being “heavy handed with increases?”

Would it be the Fredonia Village Board, which has a history of raising water and sewer rates annually. How about its property tax increases? Those are never heavy-handed, are they? How about its last-minute fire contract with the town of Pomfret in December? No “heavy hand” in that either, right?

Why is it when a private company, which faces increased competition in this day and age, raises prices in Chautauqua County they are the bad guys? But when taxes and fees go up in villages, towns, cities, school districts and the county, there is just no other option for residents. We’re told to suck it up.

How convenient.

But that’s how local governments, including Fredonia, continue to drive away business – with its history of overburdening building inspections, property citations, tax hikes, water hikes, parking meters and tickets and property taxes.

Just why are businesses so “heavy handed?” Maybe it is because they cannot catch any breaks from trustees and municipalities who need to keep raising taxes and increasing spending to keep its dwindling menu of services alive.