People’s column

Fire protection

at high cost


I just received my town of Pomfret taxes. It is broken down into what the taxes are paid for. The portion for fire protection came out to $422.27.

You have got to be kidding me. Then they have the audacity to come around each year asking for donations. Give me a break. Mayor Stephen Keefe, keep milking the town of Pomfret. Ann Eckman, keep trying, I appreciate it.



Quality care

at County Home


During this last summer, my brother-in-law required greater care than my sister could provide at home. This was sadly due to his advanced dementia.

It was a difficult decision made more stressful by the process of finding the appropriate place. After checking out several care facilities, she chose the County Home at Dunkirk. I went with her the day we visited and was impressed by the brightness and cleanliness of the place.

The staff couldn’t have been more helpful, or more accommodating. We both knew this was where her husband needed to be. The short time he spent at this home was at times rocky due to his health issues, but the staff was professional, caring, and treated him as they would have their own family member.

We were impressed with the dignity with which they cared for him and others as well. We would recommend this nursing home to anyone who wants their loved one to receive the best care possible. Sadly, my brother-in-law passed away two weeks ago, and even through that process, they couldn’t have been more compassionate, or helpful.

Our family appreciated them so very much and appreciates everything they did for him and us.


Warren, Pa.

Admonishment not justice


I recently read the article (Jan. 8) regarding Justice David Prince. It is shameful that he is being admonished for protocol being breached.

He is a highly ethical and well regarded justice who has served our community with honor, dignity, and fairness for many years. In our society, abusive behavior and endangerment of innocent children is not tolerated and is a very serious matter … in most cases one of life and death.

It is those who do not speak up that are at fault. I think Justice Prince shared valuable insight with the abused woman who decided not to press charges, and most likely changed her mind out of fear of revenge, which is classic abused woman’s behavior.

We should honor his good judgment and wise words. Instead he was chastised because of a breach of protocol, a mere formality.

Justice Prince’s compassion was not for self-gain but for the protection of all abused women and children in our community.

It is our responsibility as citizens not to turn a blind eye to abuse. We owe him a debt of gratitude.


Naples, Fla.