For the Record

Today’s H.S. Schedule

Girls Basketball

Westfield at Clymer

Brocton at Sherman

Salamanca at Cass. Valley

Panama at CLCS

Silver Creek at Dunkirk

Catt.-LV at Forestville

Maple Grove at Fredonia

Boys Basketball

Randolph at Gowanda

Adult Bowling

K & L Lanes

Saturday Nite Drifters – High team game: Team Mayhem 915. High team series: Team Mayhem 2,568. High individual game (men): Joe Sweda 234. High individual game (women): Kelly Carriero 201. High individual series (men): Ed Howard 626. High individual series (women): Charity Sweda 530.

Other high scores: Ernie Clareus 201-232, Rod Jimerson 212, Rich Emery 211, Joe Sweda 200, Ed Howard 205-227, Mike Gassman 200, Anita Clareus 168, Charity Sweda 193-179, Mary Grimm 162, Kathy Earle 178.

Paul Hill Memorial – High team game: Amish Collections 1,089. High team series: Gowanda Ford 3,165. High individual game (men): Mike Meyers 275. High individual game (women): Kathy Earle 204. High individual series (men): Meyers 685. High individual series (women): Nancy Earle 542.

Other high scores: Justin Grimm 243-634, Gene Aanerud 244, Mike McKeever 234-230-661, Ed Howard 206-232-216-654, Bradley Schulz 235, Meyers 223, Ernie Clareus 205, Justin Clareus 223-204-610, Mike Emke 216-213, Pat Richter 217, Mike Howard 223, Robbie Coulon 202, Jeremy Jimerson 209, Ken Purdy 203, Bob Stafford 201, Rich Sandy 246-617, Dee Connolly 184, Nancy Earle 177-172-193-542, Kathy Earle 204-180-536, Apryl Adams 187.

Paul Hill Memorial – High team game: The Mutts 993. High team series: The Mutts 2,918. High individual game (men): Ed Howard 278. High individual game (women): Nancy Earle 184. High individual series (men): Ed Howard 688. High individual series (women): Nancy Earle 489.

Other high scores: Pat Richter 228, Mike Howard 222, Mike Meyers 224-214-609, Justin Clareus 218-202, Ken Purdy Sr. 210, Justin Grimm 204-214-214-632, Gene Aanerud 206-215, Mike Chimino 203, Ed Howard 278-205-205-688, Dave John 205-202, Robbie Coulon 234-605, Jeremy Jimerson 225-245-643, Ken Purdy 212-237-648, Bobby Brown 201, Brian Schulz 209-209-229-647, Dee Connolly 177, Nancy Earle 172, Kathy Earle 170, Diane Emke 160-161, Joyce Purdy 172-162.

Local Television

Maple Grove at FHS

Girls Basketball Game

The Maple Grove at Fredonia girls varsity basketball game will be televised tonight on Cable Access Channel 5 in Fredonia and Channel 12 in Dunkirk, beginning at 7:15 p.m.

Ed Eaker will have the call of the game while Greg Krauza will add the color commentary.