A reward for breaking the law

The California Supreme Court recently granted a law license to a man who has lived in the United States illegally for 20 years. My question is: why didn’t this man, who had 20 years to get his citizenship, do so?

He had 20 years! I want to know what his reasons were. Didn’t he care enough to be a citizen of this country like so many people who arrived here from Europe? They had to go through Ellis Island and through medical screenings, but they did so because they wanted to live here. They didn’t mind the inconveniences that they had to endure, but they did so willingly.

So what makes this guy for 20 years think he is better than our grandfathers? He took the time to go to college, but who paid for that college? All the time, this guy had no citizenship, so now the liberal Supreme Court of California is going to not only grant him citizenship he didn’t ask for, but allow him to practice law. Now this liberal act by the California Supreme Court will surely open the door to other illegals. These people who are in our country illegally will soon have the same privileges as we do without any strings attached.

I ask you, is this justice, the way this country treats non-citizens in comparison to those who had to work for that citizenship because they cared? The state of California has always been liberal with illegals. Now they have shown this whole country how stupid they really are, but the sad part is, this will affect all of us.

The judicial system in California is giving our country away at wholesale rates. Why are these people so catered to by our government? This makes those of us who are citizens second-class citizens, and the illegals first-class. You tell me if that is right or not.

These people demonstrate with their Mexican flags as if the have any rights to do so as illegals. Somebody better wake up before it’s too late, or maybe it is. God help us. I refuse to learn the Mexican language. Learn English!

California, land of fruits and nuts!

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com