A mistake becomes La Mandiglia; inspiration brings a mini Mandiglia

Pam Rood joined the Circle of Love several years ago and created the first “Mandiglia” prayer shawl while trying to teach herself how to crochet.

As she walked into a meeting, she announced, “Sorry, Josie, but this is the best I could do. I made a mistake and I wasn’t going to take it apart!”

I knew she had a masterpiece. I was so excited. I called it “La Mandiglia.” That’s so Sicilian, and she’s not even Italian. We laughed about it and I told her to please continue making them.

There’s no right or wrong in my opinion. She created several such masterpieces which were enjoyed by the women in need of comfort and warmth.

The love and caring demonstrated by Pam is typical of all the volunteers who contribute their time, talent and treasures to the Circle of Love. Pam moved out of state and is greatly missed.

Rose Owen, OBSERVER staff member, also has created several Mandiglia prayer shawls which were dispensed with matching comfort pillows.

I received a gift of yarn from one member of our great community and I was inspired to create a mini Mandiglia prayer shawl. It takes less yarn, time, and anyone making them can create their own color combinations.

I plan to have a workshop for those wanting to learn.

As everyone knows, I like keeping everything simple. The pattern consists of five large shells across, equal to 10 inches wide using a size 11 crochet hook, and 40 scallops on the edge which equals to 60 inches long. It’s only a long scarf. Chain 70 stitches using double yarn for a tie 12 inches from the bottom front. Tassels are made and attached to the tie using the color of the shawl.

I’ve already made 12 and given them away. It’s such fun!

I’m still accepting the traditional prayer shawls and pillows created by our wonderful community, including all those students from the Dunkirk and Fredonia middle schools.

Those who contributed to the Circle of Love fundraisers are my earth angels. They’re making a difference every day. We are all so blessed.

May the new year 2014 bring everyone good health, love, joy, peace and tranquility, for without your participation and support, the Circle of Love would be incomplete.