Annual pinata project

Albert VanDette’s Spanish IV class at Silver Creek Central School completed its annual pinata project during December. This project has been a tradition for students who take the elective Spanish IV course. Students who take it have already passed the regents exam in Spanish III and look forward to this fun project. Students are graded on degree of difficulty, neatness and overall appearance of the project. They are also graded on how well they use class time to work on their project. Traditionally in Mexico people spend days making the pinata for various celebrations. Usually the children are blindfolded and each child takes a turn at swinging a stick at the pinata, attempting to break it and inside, all the candy falls out. These pinatas are, without question, an indication of the stellar talent these students have. Pictured from left to right are: kneeling: Brenna Whipple, Amilia Wolf, Kalee Dexter, Trisha Pfleuger and Cora Utegg; standing: Brian DiLorenzo, Allison Westley, Melissa Wilcox, Marissa Restivo, Abbi Hoffman, Shelby Harford, Carissa Kam and Cheyenne Lawton.