Leaky pipes

The extreme cold weather continued to take a toll on local infrastructure Thursday.

City of Dunkirk Department of Public Works water crews were kept busy Thursday, beginning in the early morning hours. The first leak occurred in a familiar setting while a rather spectacular leak occurred around 8 a.m. at the northeast corner of Bucknor and Courtney streets.

Department of Public Works Director Tony Gugino told the OBSERVER a 6-inch line gave way at Bucknor and Courtney. The aftermath of that break appeared to be a few iced-over yards and driveways on Bucknor Street.

“That’s a high-pressure line and when it was blown this morning it was like a geyser, 20-30 feet high,” he added. “We had another leak last night at Newton and Jackson we had to fix last night. We got done about 3:30 in the morning with that one and then we had these two develop this morning.”

Gugino was asked if the Newton Street breaks are working their way down that street.

“Once you start, we’ve had four there now, once you start upheaving pipes or working on them in this cold it makes that a little more susceptible to the weather, brittle and everything else,” he replied. “The bolts were rusted out on the one last night. It’s just an old pipe, old everything.”

Crews were still at it Thursday afternoon, this time at Marsden Street and Park Avenue.

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