Town code revisions a Collins topic

COLLINS – The town of Collins is still working on updating its town codes. Supervisor David Tessmer said the town still has to work on reviewing the sections of solid waste, the transfer station and subdivision regulations.

Once the code is finally finished, the town will host a public hearing on the revisions before it is approved and adopted by the town board. Tessmer believed some of the town code revisions still need more work. The town has been using a template code from another municipality as a guide. Tessmer said there are unanswered questions regarding subdivisions and believes there are some redundancies.

“I think we can protect ourselves and make it more streamlined,” he said.

The proposed revised code will now go back to a committee which consists of town board and planning board members for more discussion.

The information will be brought back to the town board at a later date. The board also discussed a potential raise for the dog control officer.

Mary Dankert, who works for both the towns of Collins and Persia, said she has taken on extra work since the village of Gowanda eliminated its animal control officer. Since there has been an increase of duties in the village, Dankert would like a raise. She said the majority of calls within the town are for stray dogs.

“Collins is the most active town I do,” she said.

The town would like more frequent reports from Dankert who currently only turns in an annual report. Tessmer asked Dankert if she could give reports quarterly to the town. Tessmer said while Dankert’s workload stayed the same, her salary decreased.

The town board will discuss a raise for Dankert at the next meeting on Feb. 3.

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