Forestville school board talks budget

FORESTVILLE – The Forestville Board of Education went over the budget in the first of a three-part discussion recently.

The possibility of a rollover budget was mentioned.

Board President Sylvester Cleary said the purpose of the rollover budget is to provide a starting point for the budget.

“It covers three major areas,” he said. “Wages, benefits and debt service which makes up 75 percent of the budget.”

Cleary said the rollover budget will look at current staffing with new rates.

“The debt services will not impact future projects,” he said.

In breaking this down, staff wages would increase 1.8 percent and contractual rates for 2014-2015 will increase 3 percent. This does not include the teachers’ association, superintendent or appointments.

The smaller rate increase is due to a savings from staffing changes.

The head bus driver position was reduced from 12 months to three months. Due to a change in special education needs, bus aides have been reduced to two.

Benefits would increase 4 percent.

The Teachers Retirement System would increase 7.7 percent. The Employee Retirement System would decrease 3 percent. Health insurance would increase 3.5 percent.

Debt service would decrease 2.6 percent.

The 2007 project moved from short-term financing to a bond in June 2013. As a result, debt service will remain consistent for the next 10 years.

The 2010 energy performance project payment is consistent for the next eight years.

Cleary said the budget changes will be discussed Feb. 6 and the budget report will be available Feb. 20.