Stockton taking care of business in new year

STOCKTON – After the organizational meeting Tuesday night, the Stockton Town Board got straight into business for the new year.

Supervisor Dave Wilson brought up the motion for a new zoning agreement with the village of Cassadaga, as well as a sheriff’s agreement and highway funds.

A Stockton resident sent a request to be able to take the sap from the maple trees on his line.

Wilson said the farmer wants to be able to make maple syrup.

The majority voted against it, believing if the trees were tapped for sap it would make them no longer valuable for lumber.

Councilman John Beichner was opposed to the vote of not allowing the resident to tap the maple trees.

“I like maple syrup,” he said. “I oppose it because someone has to.”

Highway Superinten-dent Aaron Burnett said he has kept the cost of things down the best he can.

“I try to keep everyone honest,” he said. “Whatever expenses we have I try to keep it all down.”

Councilman Allen Chase said there are problems with the health care.

“High deductible plans are not saving us much money anymore,” he said. “More people are getting sick and we have to pay their expenses for life.”

Beichner said people are really hurting now when it comes to finances.