Repowering agreement extension granted

The clock is ticking on a mutual request made to the state’s Public Service Commission by National Grid and Dunkirk Power LLC. The issue has been under study by the PSC in case 12-E-0577; “Proceed-ing on Motion of the Commission to Examine Repowering Alternatives to Utility Transmission Rein-forcements.”

According to a recent filing with the PSC submitted by National Grid Senior Counsel II Carlos Gavi-londo, both companies were in agreement that they needed until Feb. 6 to file the terms of the proposed agreement.

“On December 15, 2013, Governor Cuomo announced that National Grid and Dunkirk had reached an agreement in principle to refuel the Dunkirk generating plant. On December 23, 2013, your office issued a notice directing National Grid to file with the Commission the terms of that proposed agreement by January 30, 2014,” Gavilondo wrote the PSC.

“The parties have made substantial progress to date but have not yet completed documenting the agreement. Accordingly, the Company respectfully requests one additional week to file the terms of the agreement. The additional time would allow the parties to complete the documentation and would promote the fair, orderly and efficient conduct of this matter. Counsel for Dunkirk has authorized me to indicate Dunkirk’s concurrence with this request. Please contact me if you have any questions and thank you for your attention to this matter.”

On Monday, PSC Secretary Kathleen Burgess notified the companies the extension to Feb. 6 was granted.

NRG spokesman David Gaier said Monday the companies are still working on the agreement in principle but filing the agreement won’t end the paperwork.

“There are several other steps. One of the most important is the permitting process for the gas addition,” Gaier explained, adding, “Right now what I can tell you is that pipeline work would begin in 2015; I can’t be more specific at this point.”

Steven Brady is a media relations manager for National Grid.

“We expect to complete the agreement in principle and file it on or before Feb. 6,” Brady told the OBSERVER. “Once filed, the proposed agreement will be subject to comment by interested parties, followed by review and approval by the New York Public Service Commission.”

The two companies are not the only groups to have filed requests with the PSC on the case. Christopher Amato, a staff attorney with Earthjustice, recently filed a reminder with the PSC that the intervenor parties have yet to receive 77 documents the PSC’s records access officer said they were entitled to.

The intervenors requested the documents Jan. 6 and had yet to receive them by the date of the Jan. 28 filing, Listed as intervenors Amato is representing are Ratepayer and Community Intervenors, Citizens’ Campaign for the Environment and Environmental Advocates of New York.

The total number of public comments is at 7,616 as of the last one listed on Jan. 28.

To see the information on the repowering case, go the PSC website, hit commission documents and enter 12-E-0577 in the search by case number box.

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