Festival Advisory Committee meets today

The city of Dunkirk will not always be covered in snow and one group will begin making plans today for warm-weather events.

City officials, along with some interested citizens, make up the Festival Advisory Committee which meets today at 3:30 p.m. in the Department of Development conference room on the second floor of the Stearns Building, located next to City Hall.

The festivals will be under the supervision of the Dunkirk Local Development Corporation’s board of directors after being run from City Hall and the Development Depart-ment since their beginning in 2008.

The 2014 Festival Advisory Committee will be composed of DLDC board member Judy Presutti, Councilman William J. Rivera, Chrissy Ortolano, City Clerk Nicole Joiner, Deputy Director of Planning and Development Lacy Lawrence, Recreation Program Coordinator Tim Gornikiewicz, Samantha Hall, Amanda Westling, Lisa Kobel and Chrissy Ortolano. Mayor Anthony J. Dolce appointed the members, who were then approved by the DLDC board of directors.

Dolce said there will be some changes this year.

“We had three last year, we are looking to increase to four. We had talked about doing a heritage festival last year and that didn’t work out, but we’re hoping to try again this year and see how that goes,” he explained. “A couple events we’re toying with some date changes. We’re also toying with the possibility of having one on Sunday, maybe even two, so we’re just trying to tweak it.

“We know our two events in the middle, the Wreck and Roll and the Beach Bash, were down compared to prior years, so it’s definitely time to go back to the drawing board and see what we can do to get those back up and prominent. We’re looking to kickoff with the Picnic in the Point. That was a great kickoff and I think we’re going to keep it at the Memorial Day weekend – that was a nice start.”

Dolce said there has been conversations about coordinating with other local events so there is less competition.

“It’s not easy because it’s such a short season and everybody’s dealing with the same short season. So how do you cram all these events into a small small time frame? We’re looking at that,” he stated. “I don’t have an answer for that, but Wreck and Roll seems to be the one that butts up against other festivals. I don’t think we need to worry about the dates on our other ones.”

Included on the agenda are this year’s schedule of events, sponsorship overview, festival budget overview, vendor questionnaire, VisitDunkirk website overview and setting up a meeting schedule. The meeting is open to the public.

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