Fire protection contract approved in Sheridan

SHERIDAN – The extension of the fire protection district contract between the town of Sheridan and the Sheridan Fire Department is now in effect, meaning fire protection is set to continue for those residents outside the townwide district.

After a public hearing during a recent special meeting, the Sheridan Town Board voted to accept the one-year contract extension.

“The contract is exactly the same (as last year), and even the amount is the same again for this year,” Town Clerk Julie Szumigala said, adding the cost for fire protection comes to $4,500.

The board estimated fewer than 100 people live in the fire protection district, which encompasses the upper portion of Miller Road and a portion of Creek Road. Those residents pay a separate fire protection tax from those within the larger townwide fire district to fund services provided by the fire department.

Sheridan Fire Commissioner John Szumigala addressed why a separate fire protection district is necessary.

“(The district) is out of the five-mile radius from the center of town,” he said. “That used to be the fire hall, but the fire hall is no longer in the center of town, but it’s still the five-mile radius.”

No members of the public were present to comment during the public hearing.

The next regular meeting is Feb. 20 at 7:30 p.m. in the community center.

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