Fredonia Fire Department releases 2013 report

The Fredonia Fire Department has released its 2013 annual run report.

According to the report, the fire department had its third-busiest response year in 2013, responding to 1,712 calls. That number is down 28 calls from the busiest year, which so happens to be 2012.

The department went on 57 fire calls (3.33 percent) in 2013, an increase from 52 in 2012. For rescue and emergency medical service calls, crews were called out 1,276 times (74.53 percent) in 2013, which is down from 1,332 calls in 2012.

The total number of calls in 2013 is also comprised of 212 false alarms (12.38 percent), 92 good intent calls (5.37 percent), 32 service calls (1.87 percent), 31 hazardous conditions without fire (1.81 percent), seven severe weather and natural disaster calls, four explosions or ruptures without fire and one special type of call.

The department responded to 1,093 calls (63.84 percent) within the village of Fredonia and 310 calls (18.11 percent) in the town of Pomfret outside village limits.

The department was called on mutual aid to surrounding communities 102 times (5.96 percent) and responded to the New York State Thruway 21 times.

The locations responded to the most in 2013 include the following: Fredonia Place, 198 times (11.6 percent); SUNY Fredonia, 186 times (10.9 percent); One Temple Square, 104 times (6.1 percent); Walmart, 28 times (1.6 percent); and WCA Home, 28 times (1.6 percent).

Response times for the Fredonia Fire Department were similar to years past in that from the time of the alarm to the first unit being on location, 93.9 percent of calls were answered within the national standard of eight minutes or less. Also, 76.8 percent of the calls were answered in four minutes or less.

Similar to years past, 848 calls (49.53 percent) had no volunteer firefighters, 25 had no paid staff available to respond and 373 times (21.79 percent) the station remained unmanned while crews were out on calls.

The only number significantly higher than previous years was that there was no volunteer fire chief responding to 1,119 calls (65.36 percent).