Spreading seasonal gratitude

This especially cold and snowy winter season makes it clear how dependent many of us can be on our systems of government, as well as on our energy suppliers.

Our villages, towns, cities and travels throughout New York state rely on those who work to clear our roads, respond to emergencies, and budget materials and personnel to deal with challenges to the safety and health of all citizens.

While we may be quick to criticize “government” in other areas, I applaud the coordination of several layers of elected persons to provide what individuals cannot. Each of us may shovel a sidewalk, or clear a driveway, but can we imagine how we’d get to hospitals, grocery stores, worship, work and schools without substantial help from our governing bodies?

I also applaud how taxpayers and elected officials teamed up to campaign for the repowering of NRG at the local Dunkirk plant. Many can imagine the negative impacts of a closed plant on the city and region. I am thankful that our state government, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo, listened to constituents, then acted to stabilize this energy supplier and employer.

I am certainly grateful this winter when lights turn on, the furnace produces heat, water pushes through pipes, and our local energy supplier is taking steps toward a “greener” production of the electricity required for those effects.

And sometimes individuals do step forward, without the prompting of government.

Thanks again to that young man, who helped shovel my car out of a driveway on Willowbrook one of those very snowy days. Persons like you generate optimism.

Susan Hollowell Hardy is a Fredonia resident.