Diversity film series begins Friday at SUNY Fredonia

The SUNY Fredonia mul-ti-cultural Renga is hosting a spring film series titled, “Through Your Eyes: Inter-national Diversity in Film.” The five-film series will consider many facets of diversity across cultures and nations.

Beginning on Friday, films will be shown at 7 p.m. in McEwen Hall Room 202. Each film will be introduced by a faculty member with expertise in the region or topic. The series is free and students, faculty, staff and the community are welcome to attend. Films include:

Friday – “Die Welle,” from Germany; Feb. 25 – “Unseen Tears,” a Native American film about boarding schools; March 11 – “Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio,” an Italian film about recent immigrants; March 28 – “My Name is Khan,” an Arab American film; and April 29 – “Bend it like Beckham,” a British Indian co-production.

This series is co-sponsored by the Convocation Committee, Native Ameri-can Consortium, Depart-ment of Psychology and Criminal Justice Program.

For more information, contact KimMarie Cole at KimMarie.Cole@fredonia.edu.