County Home: Union fails with workers

In a bold move, 171 workers of the Chautauqua County Home have publicly announced through a petition they are willing to accept concessions on wages and benefits.

Though not disclosing how much, it was a major statement by the workers that said two things. First, the workers want to help the county maintain control of the Home. Second, it said what we already knew: CSEA is not concerned about a portion of its dues-paying members.

CSEA, two years ago, came to the table seeking 5 percent annual pay increases at a time when county taxes had been skyrocketing. In addition, then County Executive Greg Edwards was seriously talking about selling the County Home.

Now, even after a number of possible sale attempts, the CSEA still has not helped the workers at the County Home. The petition alone is an indictment on that.

“We need to work together as a team to implement ideas in the Center for Governmental Research report and to ensure this vital public safety net remains available for the county’s seniors today and into the future,” said Flo Tripi, CSEA western region president.

Correct. One of those ideas included concessions for workers so the Home may have a chance to break even.

The workers who signed the petition understand the seriousness of that. Unfortunately, it seems the union in which the workers have paid thousands of dollars in dues to for representation, won’t accept it.

Now, those workers are left fending for themselves in the midst of another attempted sale.