Lakewood plant closing, 75 workers to lose their jobs

LAKEWOOD – Premier Lakewood Inc., a Michigan-owned company located on 201 Winchester Road in Lakewood, will be closing its doors on May 6, displacing 75 employees.

According to a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification from the New York state Department of Labor, layoffs will begin on May 1 and continue through May 6. Economic reasons have been cited for the closure. Calls made to the plant on Monday were not returned.

According to a newspaper article from 2006, the plant has been in Lakewood since 1946. Premier Lakewood Inc. purchased the company from Lexington Die Casting in 2005. Lexington Die Casting, which had owned the plant since 1992, set to close the factory for good, leaving their remaining 45 employees out of luck. However, due to a collaborative effort between the previous owners, local development leaders and New York state officials, the jobs and factory alike were saved.

In the same 2006 article, Paul Brancaleon, president of the Michigan-based Premier Tool and Die Cast Corporation – which the Lakewood branch is a part of, went on record speaking of tripling Lakewood operations and stepping up production five-fold over the next three years.

Premier Lakewood takes in hundreds of tons of recycled aluminum every month, melts it down and channels it through dozens of die casters. This is then shaped into strong, light-weight parts, half for automobiles and half for other commodities.