For the Record

Today’s High?School?Sports Schedule

Wednesday, Feb. 12

Girls Basketball

Westfield at Sherman

Silver Creek at Frewsburg

Panama at Cass. Valley

Clymer at Chautauqua Lake

Dunkirk at Olean

Forestville at West Valley

Pine Valley at North Collins

Boys Basketball

Saint Mary’s at Fredonia


CLCS?softball clinic

There will be a softball clinic held at Chautauqua Lake Central School on March 29, from 9 a.m. to noon for all girls ages 8-13.

Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. To pre-register, access the Chautauqua Lake School website and the form will be in the Virtual Backpack located in the Elementary School section.

The clinic will include fundamental drills involving hitting, fielding (outfield/infield), pitching and catching. Former players in the area, along with the Chautauqua Lake varsity softball players will be the instructors for the morning.

Each participant will receive a T-shirt and a window decal. Cost for the clinic is $20 for one girl and then $15 for each additional family member.

For more information, contact Sue Teets at 753-5831 or 969-6167.


Little League

The Brocton-Portland Little League will hold registrations for the 2014 season at the Ahira Hall Memorial Library in Brocton, on Thursday, Feb. 13 from 5:30-7 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 22 from 1:30-3 p.m. and Thursday, Feb. 27 from 5:30 7 p.m.

First-time players must provide a copy of their birth certificate and all players must reside in, or attend, the BCS district.

Cost is $25 per player for T-ball (ages 4-6), $40 for Minor League Baseball and Softball (ages 7-9) and $40 Major League Baseball and Softball (ages 10-12)

Information regarding Major League Tryouts, fundraisers, opening day and volunteer opportunities will be available during registration.

Youth Hockey

NCCYHA Squirts

Steelers 5, Warriors 2

Fredonia was led in scoring by Alex Rush, who netted two goals and added an assist.

Caleb Gornikiewicz also scored twice. Lucas Pchelka added one goal. Tate Olson, Kam Mages, Trevor Persch and Ikaika Wojcinski each had an assist for the Steelers.

Olson earned the team hard hat and Anthony Fitzgerald picked up the win in net.

Adult Bowling

Lakeview Lanes

Riles & Woolley Tuesday Night League – High scratch game: Josh Tyma 224, Josh Azzarella 202, Dave Lillie 217, Bob Smith 217, Pat Smith 210, Kevin Zola 233, Jimmy Cardamone 202, Anna Anastasia 179, Barb Azzarella 164, Sandy Gray 154. High scratch series: Josh Tyma 638, Kevin Zola 609, Anna Anastasia 450.

Lucky Lanes

Monday Night Mixed Couples – High team single: Redneck Yacht Club 660. High team series: Fountain Grill and Dom Polski 1,824. High individual single: Mike Wise 214, Jenn Logan 213. High individual series: Mike Wise 536, Jenn Logan 573. Other high scores: Eleanore Pacos 192-177-167-536, Betty Tallchief 161, Dell Jusko 164, Winfield Doner 516, Jenn Logan 180, Jimmy Valenti 533, Carol Wise 168-180 and Kathy Briggs 163.

  • ??

Women’s A League – Team high game (handicap): Coughlan’s 524. Team high series (handicap): Fredonia Animal Hospital 1,713. Individual high game: Debbie Skinner 208. Individual high series: Skinner 577. Other high scores: JoAnne Arnold 178-177-186-541, Michele Frederickson 162, April Jagoda 179, Jackie Grant 171, Skinner 203-166, Penny Haight 169, Joanie Rammelt 203-185-539, Shirley Salerno 189.

  • ??

Women’s A League – Team high game (scratch): Coughlin’s 460. Team high series (handicap): Lucky Lanes 1,713. Individual high game: Debbie Skinner 222. Individual high series: Skinner 574.

Other high scores: Michele Frederickson 210-190-559, JaAnne Arnold 186, Linda Powell 163, Penny Haight 186, April Jagoda 186-170-168-524, Kitten Edgerton 161, Skinner 172-203, Shirley Salerno 166-168-470.

  • ??

Women’s A League – Team high game (scratch): Just Us 535. Team high series (handicap): Just Us 1,855. Individual high game: Debbie Skinner 204. Individual high series: JoAnne Arnold 549. Other high scores: JoAnne Arnold 178-182-189, Michele Frederickson 193-169-505, Sara Tulipane 176-164, Jackie Grant 179-171-507, April Jagoda 187-170-162-519, Roberta Patterson 174-160, Skinner 171-529, Penny Haight 186-181-176-543, Rose Spicer 176-162.

  • ??

Lou Nocek B II – Team high game: Rookies 1,103. Team high series: Rookies: 3,087. Other high scores: Tom Battaglia 258-254-238-755, Bill Lanski Jr. 247-236-211, 694, Spencer Johnson 256-223-678, Mike Lucas 227-232-215-674, Ryan Wise 211-230-232-673, Scott Jagoda 206-227-214-647, Paul Nocek 225-204-206-635, Lee Szalkowski 235-203-626, Tom Jagoda 213-214-624, Dan Struzynski 245-621, Greg Haase 205-227-607, Ricky Laurito 221-211, Howie Burgess 213-202, Roger Pacos 210-205, Jim Michaels 214, Kevin Rose 209, Ben Montague 208, Keith Glowniak 204, Jerry Jesionowski 203.

  • ??

Wednesday Four-Man – Team high game: Bowler’s Corner 952. Team high series: Professional Contractors 2,616.

Other high scores: Alex Haase 269-279-215-763, Spencer Johnson 280-259-217-756, Joe Jagoda 243-215-222-680, Dave Meadows 230-207-222-659, Jerry Jesionowski 247-233-645, Steve Krystofiak 210-200-220-630, Tom Battaglia 205-229-623, Josh Wilmot 241, Tricia Kent 225, Paul Nocek 225, Art Howard 222, Becca Kent 221, Tom Jagoda 202-220, Howie Burgess 211, Dan Struzynski 201-205, Mike Lucas 203, Rick Crandall 200, Erick Griewisch 200, Matt Miceli 200.

K & L Lanes

Paul Hill Memorial – Team high game: Good Times 1,089. Team high series: Amish Collections 2,992. High individual game (men): Daren Waterman 279. High individual game (women): Kathy Earle 191. High individual series (men): Ed Howard 681. High individual series (women): Kathy Earle 519. Other high scores: Bob Stelley 203, Ernie Clareus 223, Justin Clareus 211, Daren Waterman 210-279-670, Robbie Coulon 212, Doug Jimerson 217, Matt Nash 212, Bobby Brown 201, Bradley Schulz 216, Justin Grimm 215-214-227-656, Gene Aanerud 207, Mike McKeever 217, Ed Howard 257-213-211, Mike Emke 221, Mike Howard 263-205-663, Nancy Earle 182, Kathy Earle 162-166, Diane Emke 165, Joyce Purdy 161.

  • ??

Paul Hill Memorial – High team game: The Mutts 993. High team series: The Mutts 2,918. High individual game (men): Ed Howard 278. High individual game (women): Nancy Earle 184. High individual series (men): Ed Howard 688. High individual series (women): Nancy Earle 489. Other high scores: Pat Richter 228, Mike Howard 222, Mike Meyers 224-214-609, Justin Clareus 218-202, Ken Purdy Sr. 210, Justin Grimm 204-214-214-632, Gene Aanerud 206-215, Mike Chimino 203, Ed Howard 205-205, Dave John 205-202, Robbie Coulon 234-605, Jeremy Jimerson 225-245-643, Ken Purdy 212-237-648, Bobby Brown 201, Brian Schulz 209-209-229-647, Dee Connolly 177, Nancy Earle 172-184, Kathy Earle 170, Diane Emke 160-161, Joyce Purdy 172-162.

  • ??

Paul Hill Memorial – High team game: South Dayton 1,034, Good Times 1,034. High team series: Amish Collections 3,000. Individual high game (men): Daren Waterman 269. Individual high game (women): Nancy Earle 192. Individual high series (men): Dan Moyer 672. Individual high series (women): Nancy Earle 518. Other high scores: Brian Schulz 203-224-214-641, Art Arthur 202, Mike Meyers 202, Ernie Clareus 218-202, Daren Waterman 269-654, Justin Grimm 201, Gene Aanerud 202, Mike Chimino 236, Moyer 246-227, Ed Howard 220-206-235-661, Jeremy Jimerson 245, Ken Purdy 214, Rich Sandy 201, Rob Richter 211-202, Pat Richter 203-213, Mike Howard 202, Dee Connolly 172, Earle 191, Diane Emke 179, Joyce Purdy 190.

  • ??

Paul Hill Memorial – High team game: Amish Collections 1,090. High individual series: Mystery Inc. 3,037. High individual game (men): Mike McKeever 285. High individual game (women): Nancy Earle 178. High individual series (men): Robbie Coulon 685. High individual series (women): Nancy Earle 498. Other high scores: Robbie Coulon 245-244, Dave John 233-254-637, Ken Purdy 203-228-610, Rich Sandy 202, Mike Howard 207, Mike Meyers 227-223-224-674, Justin Clareus 213-213-605, Steve Szymanski 251, Jacob Schulz 203, Justin Grimm 205, Gene Aanerud 217, Mike McKeever 222-674, Ed Howard 245-203-638, Dee Connolly 173, Nancy Earle 163, Kathy Earle 172-164.

  • ??

Saturday Nite Drifters – High team game: Team Mayhem 905. High team series: Swig N Jig 2,503. High individual game (men): Steve Grimm 228. High individual game (women): Charity Sweda 206. High individual series (men): Steve Grimm 601. High individual series (women): Kathy Earle 518.

Other high scores: Joe Sweda 206, Mike Gassman 217, Bob Stelley 201, Rod Jimerson 202, Charity Sweda 508, Cristin Boyles 162, Earle 167-171-180, Kelly Carriero 161-162, Leslie Jamieson 165.

Adult Hockey

CCHA A League Game

P Dubs 7,

Dom Polski 4

Eric Tarnowski and Derek Sheridan each scored two goals for P Dubs while Matt Ginley, Justin Giles and Greg McQuiggan each had one. Assists went to Sheridan (2), Giles (2), Dave Wright (2), Ginley (2), McQuiggan, Josh Polak and Tarnowski

Nick Stott had the hat trick for Dom Polski and Brandon Renckens had one. Spencer Keoppel, Byron Vanzile and Kevin Schwertfager each had an assist in defeat.

CCHA B League Game

Coughlan’s 3,

Heenan’s Pub 3

Goals for Coughlans went to Aaron Marshall, Pat Westin and Dustin Malkwoski. Jeff Maher, Dan Westin and Tucker Krauza each had an assist. Chris McCracken was in net for Coughlan’s.

Goals for Heenans went to Mike Rozewickz, Greg McQuiggan and James Schmidt. Jeff Huyck (2), Byron Vanzile, Dave Wright and Rozewicz each had an assist. Gary Shain was in net for Hennan’s.

  • ??

Wicked Glen 3, Coughlans 0

Kevin Smith scored two goals and Rob Stickler had one for Wicked Glen. Tony Catuzza had two assists and Lee Andolina added one. Mike Barrett earned the shutout.

Coughlan’s goalie was Chris McCracken.

CCHA C League Game

Lakeview Shock 4,


Tony Privitera led Lakeview Shock with two goals while Mike Korzeniewski and Chris Spellberg each had one.

Assists for Shock went to Korzeniewski, Spellberg, Nick Orlando, Privitera and Jeff Marsowicz. Brian Lillie was in net for the shutout.

Adult Floor Hockey

Dunkirk City Rec League

Miceli’s 11,

Nickel Plate Depot 4

Jon Jamieson and Robert Barnett each tallied a hat trick and Jeff Carlson netted two goals for the winners. Adam Lang, Brandan Renckens and Nick Stott each had one.

Nickel Plate Depot goals went to Brad Perkins (2), Justin Kelsey and Josh Eppinger.

  • ??

Vet’s Club 9,

Nickel Plate Depot 0

Robert Bajdas tallied the hat trick for Vet’s Club. Shane Boyle, Joe Jagoda, Jayson Burnett, Justin Giles, Jeff Cerrie and Brian Wojcinski each had a goal for the winners.

  • ??

Miceli’s 4,

First Ward Falcons 2

Miceli’s goals went to Matt Miceli, Brandan Renckens, Jon Jamieson and Brandan Washburn.

Steve Keyser scored both goals for First Ward.

  • ??

Kosciuszko Club 10, Coughlan’s Pub 1

Jared George scored four goals and Matt Dorler had three for Kosciuszko Club. Adam Woelfle, Dan Nickle and Derrek Backert each had one goal for the winners.

Coughlan’s goal went to Austin White.

  • ??

Kosciuszko Club 4,

Monnies 0

Jim Rozen, Ben Nickle, Derek Backert and Adam Woelfle each scored a goal for Kosciuszko Club.

Local Television

St. Mary’s at Fredonia Boys Basketball

The St. Mary’s of Lancaster at Fredonia boys basketball game, scheduled for tonight, will air on Cable Access Channel 5 in Fredonia and Channel 12 in Dunkirk.

Ed Eaker will have the call of the game beginning at 7:30 p.m., with color commentary provided by Greg Krauza.