Sewer district discusses valve leak

The Town of Dunkirk Sewer District Board got together recently to discuss a broken valve.

Director Thomas Carlson said a valve on pump station two needs to be replaced.

“Now is the time to do it when they have everything down,” he said. “It should only take an hour and we will do it during the day.”

Newly appointed Vice-President Patrick Wheeler said residents should not experience any difference during this time.

The residents of the town of Dunkirk in the Shorewood Drive area, town of Pomfret and town of Portland will be affected by the valve replacement.

Carlson said the lines will still be open and residents can still use their toilets during the fix.

“It won’t cause any problems,” he said. “It will just back up a little bit.”

The vote to approve the valve replacement was 5 to 1.

Wheeler opposed it.

“I am not in favor of it,” he said. “I think it is just a way for him to make money out of a mistake.”

The engineer discovered a mistake he made while looking over station two. The engineer agreed to cover the cost of the mistake.

Newly appointed Chairman Robert Penharlow said the board should utilize the contractor anyway since the board is involved in redoing all of the pumps.

Carlson said it is better to get this done now.

“In the event of a catastrophic event we should get this valve fixed now,” he said. “People won’t be happy if the valve breaks and sewer seeps into their lawns.”

The valve will be worked on and fixed.