Twenty years ago – 1994

Fredonia. Jamestown. Dunkirk. That is the order in which Business First ranked the only three communities in Chautauqua County included in its recent “Best Places to Live in Western New York” survey. The survey looked at 35 WNY communities, rating them in several different categories. Amherst headed the list with an A+; Fredonia was 20th on the overall list with a grade of C while Jamestown and Dunkirk were 30th and 31st on the list respectively, both with a grade of F. Part of the problem with Dunkirk was the extremely high per capita property tax level which put the city at the top of the heap.

Thirty years ago – 1984

In a statewide print competition held in Albany, John Slaughter of John & Margo Photographic Studio won the award for the best portrait of the show. His blue ribbon print was entitled, “Sad Face” and featured a clown as the subject matter. At the Finger Lakes regional competition, John won best portrait and in Binghamton he was awarded for best portrait and best of show.

Forty years ago – 1974

Randolph A. and Catherine Hearst, distraught parents of 19-year-old Patricia Hearst, said they have “no real desire to prosecute if she is returned unharmed” by the two men and a woman who abducted her.

Fifty years ago 1964

Less than six months after the ground breaking, Daniel A. Roblin Jr., president of Roblin-Seaway Industries Inc., threw the switch today to signal pouring of the first heat at the company’s newest multi-million-dollar plant in Dunkirk.