Schools: Athletics win over learning

There was a bit of good sportsmanship by the Cassadaga Valley Central Schools this week.

An agreement will soon be signed between the district and Falconer schools to share fall athletics in September. “Both districts need each other,” said William Carlson, CVCS board member. “Sooner or later we wouldn’t have had these programs without the merge.”

How prophetic, but also unfortunate.

While sports receive a reprieve by sharing, districts still maintain separate teaching staffs due to failure to merge. Sports, however, finds a benefit in merging, which is best for students.

What is tragic, however, is the continued cutting back of educational courses and offerings, which is what school is supposed to be about.

We applaud the sports merger with Falconer, but we also wonder: when will enhanced learning opportunities begin to exist again for districts with shrinking enrollments?