$160K Fredonia bond did not actually pass

The serial bond resolution for the purchase of various trucks for Fredonia’s Department of Public Works did not actually pass during Monday’s Fredonia Village Board meeting, contrary to what the board initially thought.

Village Attorney Samuel Drayo called the OBSERVER Wednesday afternoon to explain, after additional research into village laws, the vote required at least two-thirds of the total voting strength of the board in order to be adopted, which is four “aye” votes. Trustee Marc Ruckman voted “nay” on the up to $160,000 serial bond, while trustees Joseph Cerrie, Janel Subjack and Phyllis Jones voted in favor of passage. Trustee Susan Mackay was not present to vote.

“I reviewed that again, because there was a bit of a technical issue there,” Drayo said. “The proposition should have had four affirmative votes for it to pass.”

Initially, the board believed only three votes were necessary to pass the resolution.

Ruckman had cited a lack of information as the reasoning for his “no” vote.

“Before you come into a meeting, it would be nice to have information and, unfortunately, we don’t get it until the day of the meeting usually,” he said after the meeting. “And that’s with all of it, not just this matter.”

The bond resolution would have covered one medium-sized dump truck and three pickups for the village. Drayo said the resolution can be brought before the board again at any time.

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